Operations Management Systems

These systems automate operations and drive productivity and efficiency in overall supply chain.

wms  Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Holisol’s WMS has been designed to support the warehouse operators in the extensive management of all the key activities such as receiving, put-away, handling, picking, dispatching and inventory management. Moreover, it offers the best platform for a multi-user fulfillment centre for managing stocks of multiple users in a single warehouse.

Features of WMS includes;

  •  Inventory Management with higher visibility of the inventory at location & in-transit
  • ASN (Advance Shipment Notice) improving ease of transferring stock to different warehouse locations around the globe
  • GRN (Goods Receive Note) keeps record of number and conditions of the goods being received and assists in sorting of good and damaged stock
  • Order Management helps in creating order into the system and keeps visibility of good condition stock to be dispatched
  • Dispatch Management keeps a track of order being dispatched for delivery after processing of the order
  • Manage Sales, payment of the delivered order can be recorded
  • Return Management, facilitates the movement and storage of return orders (reverse logistics)
  • Cycle Count, feature ensures no loss of inventory by matching physical count of the stock with system data
  • MIS Reports, generate reports of inventory, dispatch, sale and returns

Industry Applications: E-Commerce (Online Retail), Offline Retail (Brick & Mortar), Automotive Components, Industrial Components, Food and Beverages


dms  Delivery Management System (DMS)

Holisol’s Delivery Management System has been designed by the in-house IT experts, which helps in smooth operations across the delivery chain. By implementing DMS, you can keep a track on the movement of order right from the warehouse to a distribution centre and further up to the last mile delivery point. Since it can be easily integrated with Holiscope, our mobile-based application for delivery executives, you can achieve multi-level commercial benefits.

Key Features –

  • Real-time visibility of orders for your consumers
  • User-friendly integration with Holiscope
  • Seamless experience with interactive user interface
  • Real time order monitoring for retailers

Industry Applications: E-commerce (online) orders, offline retail, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare etc.


holiscope  Holiscope

Holiscope is a mobile-based platform for your delivery executives. It enables them to keep a log of daily delivery details and facilitate job allocation. Holiscope offers full integration with the web-based system to record daily deliveries made by executives.

Key Features –

  • Real-time synchronization with Google Maps for better route finding
  • Easy to map orders delivered or undelivered per day in the system
  • Automated backup of daily delivery records in DMS, web-based delivery management system
  • Automated reset of delivery details in mobile app by EOD

Industry Applications: E-commerce (online) orders, offline retail, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare


homes  Holisol Outbound Packaging System (HOPS)

Holisol’s outbound packaging system (HOPS) designed by IT experts is an end-to-end innovation for your dismantling, assembling and packaging division. Before coming up with HOPS for the packaging industry, Holisol conducted a study which revealed the existing gaps in these operations where it was difficult to reconcile the SKUs from the beginning to the end of any process. These mismatches of disassembled components lead to ambiguities which sometimes mean that any machine may not be assembled due to a missing part. To plug those gaps, Holisol developed HOPS:

Key Benefits –

  • Easy tracking of every box, bundle and container
  • Integrated QR Codes with associated images
  • Real time document upload in the system
  • Quick detection of the shortage or defects
  • Customised online MIS reporting
  • Higher visibility in the supply chain

Industry Applications: Automotive components, Industrial Components, Finished Vehicle, Furniture Industry, Suitable for CKD, SKD and CBU packaging


ulms  Unit Load Management System (ULMS)

ULMS incorporates with the inbound operations activity of HOLISOL packaging solutions. With this tool, customers can keep the track of the bins carrying parts through the supply chains.

Key Features includes –

  • Management of multiple users with ease in handling & movement of stocks of different users
  • Management of multiple locations and improves ease of handling & movement of stocks of different locations and different users
  • Track Bins at different locations, in transit and their consolidation for transportation of stock to the suppliers

Industry Applications: All Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), food retailers, groceries.


freight-calculator  Freight Management System (FMS)

Freight management system , our web-based application enables you to calculate exact costs incurred with the whole of the freight during export/import. It’s integrated at the back-end of TMS, which acts as user-interface and is easily configurable in real-time freight calculations for any medium, be it sea or air carrying FCL (full container load) or LCL (less than container load).

Key Features –

  • Seamless experience with inclusion of INCOTERMS based calculations catering to issues of worldwide freight forwarding creating clear decisiveness for liability and cost bearing issues
  • User-friendly interface for entering key inputs like origin or destination and relevant product details
  • Displays average rates offered by different freight forwarders within seconds

Industry Applications: Finds applications in all export/import operations


pnp-systemPick and Pack (PNP) System

Pick and Pack (PNP) System has been developed by Holisol’s in-house IT team for picking and packing processes in warehouses. It simply reduces dependence of marking each item on paper while it is being picked up for dispatch. Thus, this software enables you to make this important operation completely paperless, thereby assisting you in reducing carbon footprints and making this operation greener.

Key Features –

  • User-friendly UI for warehouse shop-floor executives
  • Application works on tablets or phones, hence avoids paper wastage
  • Easy integration possible with Warehouse Management System, WMS
  • Continuous background sync of product being picked with that of inventory data in the system
  • Picking is done while allotting a separate bin for each invoice to avoid complexities
  • Keeps assurance for correct picking and packing by bar-code scanning of the picked inventory

Industrial Applications: E-commerce (online) orders, Offline retail, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Consumer Goods and customizable for any industry which utilizes warehousing services.

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