4 ways How Supply Chain Experts Plan your Sea Freight better

Dubai is considered to be the logistics hub; there is no doubt about this fact. Apparently, most businesses in this part of GCC rely on sea freight services for their import-export processes. On papers, sea freight seems to be a function which gets defined one time and there is not much to worry about. However, this is not entirely true as with the fluctuations in demand, supply chains feel the pressure and this is where perfectly managed sea freight services become important for businesses. Failure to maintain the perfection in sea freight may lead to effects on entire supply chain process and ultimately creating a bad impact on customer satisfaction levels. Not only this, sea freight has the tendency to put pressure on capital level which in turn affects other business decisions as well. To overcome these potentially harmful aspects, businesses need to have the much required flexibility in the supply chains which may be achieved via thoughtful and smartly designed plans for freight operations. However, the pressing issue is – whether to plan your sea freight strategy based on your own experience or look for experts who will not only come up with best possible plan for sea freight services but would always keep a close eye on how to enhance efficiency in the long run?

sea freight planning experts

Why is it advisable to leverage the services of supply chain experts who can maximize efficiency of your sea freight operations? Read on to know the reasons –

Supply and Demand Mapping

Demand is what you can’t control as a business as there could be sudden changes in the market. Synchronization of supply through sea freight with market demand can be a tedious task if you do it on your own. Therefore, supply chain experts keep a track of major changes in the market and accordingly, devise plans for optimum supply of products through sea freight thereby matching the demand. So synchronous operations lead to smoothening of entire supply chain reaping you desired benefits.

Pipeline Stock Planning

Another benefit of having supply chain experts’ services at your disposal is the eradication of understocking or overstocking of products either at source or destination. Since demand is synchronized to supply as a result of deep analysis of supply chain experts, inventory levels are always in check. This is a result of perfection in sea freight services which ultimately enhance your profits.

Preponement or Postponement Strategies

Supply chain professionals devise preponement plans on when to pull the product from its regular sea freight route and get it delivered in quick time through air route without compromising efficiency. In other scenario, when the demand is sluggish, they strategise where to store the shipment without putting unnecessary load on the supply chain. It seems easier on the papers but when product is going through multiple ports via sea freight and there is a sudden rise in the demand, supply chain managers find it difficult to decide where to pull the product for faster delivery which causes huge losses. This is where supply chain experts come to your rescue.

They forecast demand on long term and accordingly plan shipments

Long term knowledge of how much stock would be required and based on how much you pre order, saves you lot of money. However, planning for even a few months can be a big pain for businesses. This is where supply chain experts’ wealth of knowledge plays a major part as they can successfully devise forecast plans, even for a year’s inventory to arrive via sea freight services. Their analytics teams work this out considering all the variables and the results are there to be seen.

Businesses think that it is quite easy to carry out the sea freight operations. However, in this competitive world, it is paramount to do it at lowest possible cost. With the knowledge they possess, supply chain experts enable you to optimize your sea freight services and bring down the costs by a significant level and enhance efficiency.

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