E-commerce is shining in Middle-East, Be Ready with Right 3PL

E-commerce in middle-east is considered as the next big to happen in this part of the region. With huge internet penetration of internet and boom of Smartphone devices, selling online might prove to be the most effective way of doing business. Not only huge retailers but small players are also adapting to this change for making the most of the budding opportunities. Entry of giant e-commerce players is another indication, if you do not act now, it will be very late. To be ready for one of the most important components of e-commerce, i.e., e-commerce logistics, you should seek expert opinion and make the bigger decision upon consulting with them. How supply chain professionals who have prior experience of handling such major changes in the past, can enable you to achieve your business goals in middle-east e-commerce competition? To know this answer – read the below paragraphs.

3pl logistics middle east

1. 3PLs give a much needed make-over to your fulfilment centres

Next big thing is to have a storage facility which is not just there for goods’ storage purpose only. Mere storage of goods in warehouses is not only a traditional method but a thing of the past and e-commerce players in middle east very well know this fact. Important is to ensure that fulfilment centres are in alignment with e-commerce supply chain requirements. Fulfilment centres’ design is very important in e-commerce logistics where the inward and outward movement has to be quick enough for smoother order processing. Additionally, how conveniently are the pickup centres and delivery hubs located, determines the speed of order completion.

2. 3PLs get you best prices on shipping

While adopting e-commerce for your business, you can’t afford to invest too heavy in the infrastructure for the very important process of shipping. Shipping also involves considerable costs and eats up a significant amount of margins. This is where 3PL would benefit middle-east e-commerce like it has done elsewhere. In the competitive landscape, 3PLs offer best and effective pricing which keep you ahead of the race. It’s important to not fall for cheesy and cheap pricing otherwise business is bound to suffer. Little market research about the credibility of service provider wouldn’t do any harm and will enable you to get the best-suited service.

3. Expert handling of Reverse Logistics

As the order volumes rise, returns are expected to be on the higher side which may lead to overall inefficiency; 3PLs identify certain SOPs, policies etc. which are aimed at customer satisfaction for whole of the order fulfilment process. This brings in a key fact that customer has to be the king, especially in the middle-east e-commerce market as there are plenty of retail markets available for the customer to choose from. So managing the return orders and resolving involved issues with such orders has to be a peak criterion on your agenda as you move along the business. Experienced 3PLs ensure no such hassles occur while you focus on your core business.

4. 3PLs bring best practices in Technology

Logistic management, especially in e-commerce can’t be a success without the usage of technology. Capable and professional 3PLs bring best technologies to your system enabling you to stay in control of your e-commerce business. They offer you solutions like Warehouse Management System (WMS), which is fully capable of not only managing the huge volume of incoming orders and keeping the warehouse up and running all the time. It also solves issues related to inventory management, which can be a huge pain in e-commerce business which might lead to inefficiency in the processes leading to drop in revenue. Above all, you cannot do away without a delivery tracking system which gives customers the much-needed feel of being in control of their orders.

E-commerce in middle-east is totally a different ball game and this is the reason that logistics, one of the important links in e-commerce business needs to be taken care of in most professional and structured possible way. 3PLs, as it is their core business, handle your logistics operations perfectly and maintain the tempo even when business gets older and wiser. E-commerce players experience a rise in profit margins and better focus when they let 3PLs run their logistics operations. It is recommended to find the best 3PL who will help you rise higher as the boom of e-commerce has just started in middle-east.

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