Surprise yourselves with Returnable Packaging Solutions for Supermarkets

Pick any supermarket, you will come to know the inseparable expenses due to hand-selecting, packaging and going through these processes again and again for bringing the products to the shelves. Not only this, these repeatable and mandatory processes put unnecessary burden on manpower while unpacking and putting things on display. To overcome this issue, supermarkets may utilize the returnable packaging solutions which address all these bottlenecks and bring the product directly from the farm to shelves. This solution is based on the concept of single packaging at the source using reusable plastic crates and pallets replacing cartons and cardboards. How these green packaging solutions for supermarkets would bring down the related costs and enhance your profits? Read on to know more –

1. Reduced OpEx, more returns

The concept itself speaks volumes about its utility of reusability. Supermarkets need not purchase the packaging solutions for multiple times. They can enjoy the cost related benefits by using single packaging unit multiple times.

2. Increased operational efficiency

No cartons, so no efforts to open them up every time they might have arrived. As the shelf ready plastic crates arrive, they can be directly placed at the designated places without any further processing. This leads to better workforce utilization meaning better operational efficiency.

3. Lesser damages, more savings

Returnable packaging solutions for supermarkets are not just for lowering the costs but they are a proven secure way of protecting the goods from damages. Study shows results indicating damage reduction from 3.22 % to 0.1 % across the supply chain. This leads to comparatively more savings than what you might have saved otherwise.

4. Green solution, clean solution

You would be able to get rid of the carbon footprints caused by disposal of cardboards and carton boxes. Since returnable packaging solutions for supermarkets can be used in ‘n’ no. of cycles, therefore no scrap would be generated along the supply chain. Since a significant chunk of money goes in the disposal of scrap, these costs are additional savings for your business.

5. Track n Trace

Why lag behind when you can leapfrog with a technological assistance? Yes, these packaging solutions for supermarkets can be tracked with QR based technology. This gives your supermarket supply chain the much-needed visibility and ensures proper cycle management.

It is clear that with the advanced packaging solutions for your supermarkets, you can stop treating it as a cost-centre. These returnable packaging solutions specifically designed for supermarkets would give the desired boost to your supermarkets’ supply chain requirements, ultimately, contributing in the enhancement of efficiency.

Holisol is a leading supply chain organization providing solutions in retail (end-to-end fulfillment), Auto & Engineering (packaging & supply chain) and Consulting. Holisol works on the value proposition of Design-Implement-Manage to offer customers an experience of working like their own extended team, with affordable strategic and operational expertise.

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