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things you must pay attention while choosing delivery service provider
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a. Reliability of Service Provider – How reliable is the service provider and how efficiently it meets customer expectations is one of the key components for a delivery service provider.

b. Customer Experience – How is the delivery being made, i.e., the last mile portion of order fulfillment is where offline meets online. How positively the delivery executives affect the customer experience, it shapes up the customer experience and leads to long term positive results.

c. Order Tracking – Tracking of orders depends on how good the service provider is with its IT infrastructure. With good IT systems at helm, it gives assurance to customers that they would always feel in control of the order.

d. Pricing Model – Pricing structure of service provider is another aspect to look for before going for a service provider. Simply overlooking other aspects like – the service provider making incorrect claims about best service at lowest prices is a false trap and thorough investigation must be done before selecting the delivery service.

e. Customizable Services – Service provider must be fully capable of providing customizable packaging services according to product’s nature whether it is fragile, bulky etc.

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