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value of 3PLs in warehousing operations
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3PLs act as your extended team across whole supply chain and enrich your warehousing operations in below ways –
a. Best-in-class warehouse designs: With their experience, they know what kind of warehouse design would be most suitable for your business. They get down to the drawing board and come up with best possible design which would enhance your warehousing operations.
b. World Class Storage designs: With the rise in multi-channel fulfilment of orders across industries, it is paramount that the storage perfectly aligns to order processing methods. 3PLs not only study the current order volumes but predict future variations based on their deep understanding and come up with storage structure which aids quicker order pick-ups and ultimately contribute to order fulfilment in best possible ways.
c. Inventory Management: 3PL providers have the knowledge and skill to optimize your inventory levels and maintain consistency over time to keep the costs minimum with lowest involvement of risks.
d. Process Redesign: 3PL partners study your existing processes and analyze the gaps, if any, then redesign standard operating procedures which become a norm across whole organization yielding maximum benefits.

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