Feasibility Study

For the last decade, Holisol has been adding value to customers’ business based on design-implement-manage ideology. In addition, we provide support in the pre-project activities like conducting Feasibility Study and enabling customers to take important business decisions. Supply chains, across multiple industries, have unique requirements and demand expertise before implementation phase begins. That’s why our experts carry out Feasibility Study to get down to the root causes for evaluating best possible outcomes. In the past, our Feasibility Studies have been focused around various supply chain activities like –

  • Evaluating the site suitability of proposed location
  • Evaluating Technological selection
  • Demand Analysis
  • Economic Feasibility
  • Cost Models – Capital Investment, Operational Expenditure estimation
  • Market Research and Survey for sizing of operations

Based on the results, customers were able to take best-suited decisions and achieve desired outcomes in their supply chain.

Feasibility Study for
Ambient and Cold Storage

Feasibility Study for
Inland Container Depot (ICD)

Feasibility Study for
Logistics Park 

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