IT Solutions

We bring to you suite of IT products developed by domain experts who have built-in the best practices and features into these products. With our IT solutions, we transform the traditional supply chain by digitalizing the end-to-end processes and makes it smarter using IoT, mobility, cloud computing, artificial intelligence & machine learning. We fulfil the need for technology at every stage of your supply chain and seamlessly integrates the end to end operations. With our IT solutions, we create higher visibility in your supply chain and generate insightful analytics which enables you to make a data-driven business decision.

Operations Management Systems



Verdis is a virtual data scientist that uses Opportunity Intelligence, a proprietary technology model, that identifies opportunities for maximizing performance in the supply chain.

Warehouse Management System


Holisol’s multi-channel Warehouse management system (WMS) has been designed using the domain knowledge of leading Supply Chain experts who have insights of the end-to-end fulfilment operations, across industry verticals.

Transport Management System


Holisol’s Transportation management system (TMS) is a web and app-based solution that has been designed based on our decades of experience of managing our customer’s transportation needs.

Unit Load Management System


Holisol’s Unit load management system (ULMS) is a web and app-based mobile and static asset management software which uses RFID and/or QR code-based technologies to track your assets in the supply chain.

Last Mile Delivery System


Holiscope – Last mile delivery system is a mobile and web-based platform to empower your last mile delivery operations. It enables you to efficiently allocate the delivery jobs, as well as keep a daily log of deliveries to your customers.

Delivery Management System


Holisol’s Delivery management system (DMS) has been designed based on our experience of managing complex distribution operations for our customers. By implementing DMS, you can track your orders right from your warehouse.

Operations Excellence Systems



DopEx, our web-based and mobile platform based operational excellence tool, addresses your need of achieving desired operational efficiency at workplace. It enables you to allocate tasks to your co-workers with the timeline, keeps track of whether the tasks.



Holisol’s in-house IT team offers a solution which measures the performance of each co-worker. This tool is developed based on logical metrics which directly quantifies employee performances and enables performance management with complete objectivity.

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