Delivering Operational Excellence

Delivering Operational Excellence (DopEx) – Getting Things Done!

DopEx, our web-based and mobile platform based operational excellence tool, addresses your need of achieving desired operational efficiency at workplace. It enables you to allocate tasks to your co-workers with the timeline, keeps track of whether the tasks are being finished on time and measures performance of each co-worker and the team. This tool can be implemented at customers’ end enabling them to raise tickets against the service provider and measure respective performance score.

Key Features –

  • Helps in easier inter-team coordination and removes operational barriers
  • Ensures visibility of tasks allotted within or outside verticals
  • Task progress tracking through raised tickets
  • Enables individuals to complete tasks within time
  • Service provider score (performance) can be monitored by Customers easily
  • Customers can keep track of performance at functional level of service provider

Industry Applications: Operational performance measurement in any industry

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