Distribution Network Design

Why is Distribution Network Design important?

At Holisol, we understand that for perfect order fulfillment, your distribution network design should be suitable. Distribution network incorporates resources, network, transportation, people and technology. All these functions must align together to match supply chain expectations, otherwise, there would be an increase in transportation costs, lead times, issues related to product availability, inventory management and so on.

To achieve business objectives with efficient supply chains, it’s necessary to take care of all these factors.

Distribution design

How do we design Distribution Networks?

Holisol designs Distribution Networks for emerging E-commerce players, international & domestic Retailers, Consumer Goods companies and Automotive manufacturers. Not only this, our designs can be tailor-made for your industry and are capable of being the best fit for your requirement.

Our experts conduct research around below areas which majorly constitute the distribution network across multiple industries –

  • Total Cost of ownership
  • Warehouse optimization – Size, location, operating cost etc.
  • Relocation of Hubs (Distribution Centre)
  • Location of Production Centre
  • Location of the third-party suppliers
  • Transportation Models – Cost Vs vehicle type Vs Distances modeling
  • Delivery Process – Service level requirement
  • Order Sizes
  • Service Lead Times
  • Route Mapping; Optimization to street-level if required

Research findings around above factors are analyzed by our analytics team and then we develop the best possible network design for your business which enables you to achieve the business objectives.

Benefits for our customers –

  • Geographical mapping of production facilities with warehousing sites
  • Mapping of distribution centres or hubs with customer demands
  • Reduction in service costs as well as distribution costs
  • Enhancement in standards of fulfilling customer demands
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