Feasibility Study

Holisol is a leading organization offering feasibility study services. Our solution includes a complete analysis of the viability of a business idea while accounting for financial, technological, legal and policy factors. We conduct thorough analysis for projects at hand and help organizations minimize risks & uncertainties by providing key inputs.

Key components of our feasibility-study are –

Market Analysis

Our experts study the market, conduct interviews and surveys to provide important insights to our customers –

  • Market size of the business
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • Projected market share & demand forecasts
  • Current challenges and opportunities
Financial Analysis

Viability of a project can’t be assessed without understanding the economics behind it. Holisol supply chain solution prepares complete business plan considering the investment and returns opportunities to help companies take a calculated decision. Key components of our financial analysis are as below –

  • Estimation of setup cost
  • Estimated revenue for five years
  • Cost analysis and determining gross profit margins

Over the years, Holisol has assisted both private players and government organizations to understand the viability of business idea and helped them take right decisions for their business.

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