Warehouse Design & Implementation

Supply chain experts at Holisol, with an experience of over 100 combined years in the logistics industry understand the unique supply chain requirement across industries. Efficient warehouses form a key component of logistics infrastructure. Thus, we develop world-class warehouse designs which are capable of fulfilling supply chain demands for your businesses.

Why is warehouse designing important?

As the world is changing at a frantic pace, warehousing requirement has also reached another level for industries, be it E-Commerce, Retail, Automotive, F&B and so on. These times call for warehouses which are implemented in keeping these design specifications in mind –

  • Quicker pick-up and put away
  • Daily Throughput
  • Max cubic utilization
  • Ease of execution
  • Automation of key processes
  • Capex Requirement
warehouse design

For achieving the maximum possible output, it is important to design warehouses in accordance with your business needs.

How we design warehouses?

Our consultants conduct a deep research into your business to have a grasp of what would fit your requirement the best. We believe warehouse capabilities are a function of below mentioned points –

Multi-channel retail solutions
  • Site suitability
  • Layout matching future needs
  • Storage system design
  • Suitable Capacity & scope for expansion
  • Process flow
  • Manpower & Equipment Mapping
  • Automation & IT Solutions’ implementation
  • Capital Investment Requirement

Specialists at Holisol analyze the findings of research around these key functions. And the design created is tested on certain simulations and then passed for further implementation. Implementation of suitably designed warehouses enhances your capabilities to fulfill all your supply chain demands.

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