Industrial Components Packaging

Packaging cost of the industrial components is estimated to be 2 – 4 % of the total part value. Due to the nature of the products, packaging solutions have to be customized for each and every part. The appropriate industrial-component-packaging solutions ensure the quality and safety of the parts during transportation.

Holisol offers packaging design and process consulting solutions for industrial component manufacturers. Our consultants engage as customer’s extended team to understand their business requirement and propose solutions specific to the customer’s industry.

We design and recommend customized polypropylene bins, steel containers and racks which can be used as an alternative to wooden packaging and can be reused over multiple cycles. Our solutions are reusable, collapsible and enable you to create greener supply chain. Our experience of designing processes for leading suppliers and manufacturers helps us to design the most efficient of the process for your packaging and supply chain needs. Our IT solution Unit Load Management System ULMS is widely accepted and used in industry for

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